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As a premium childcare provider, Find the Right Nanny delivers genuine, capable, safe and trustworthy care founded on love and compassion.

How it Works

More About Our Services

Whether you need a full time nanny, part time nanny, or specialized newborn care - we'll do all the work for you to find the absolute best candidate for your family.


Long term/ full time placement

We offer long-term placement services for families who want to hire a full-time nanny for a minimum of one year. Full-time nannies work 30-50+ hours per week.

Newborn Care

Our trained and highly experienced newborn care specialists provide support for your family during the first few weeks to months of your baby’s life.

Short term/ part time placement

For families who need a nanny for a few hours a day, couple days a week. Part time nannies work up to 30 hours a week with a minimum of 20 hours a week.


This is for families who prefer the DIY approach of hiring a nanny but need assistance with drafting work agreement and candidate screening.

Peace of Mind

We understand the stress and anxiety of entrusting your child to someone outside of your family or circle of close friends can cause. That natural parental fear is the reason we created a system for hiring nannies that offers maximum peace of mind.

In-person interview:

We conduct a face to face interview with all of our applicants which allows us to get to know them, so we can make the best match for you.

Basic Skills Assessment:

All of our nannies pass the Basic Skills Assessment which evaluates the nanny’s knowledge of child care, child development, health, safety and nutrition.

Comprehensive background check

We conduct comprehensive national, state, and county level criminal background checks on all our nannies.

Verified references:

We contact past employers to verify past employment and excellent work ethics.

Trudiligence background checked

In addition to standard criminal record checks, we check Social security verification, address tracing, National sex offender registry, and driving records.

Comprehensive application:

We have a comprehensive application process which enables us to get to know our nannies’ personal values, ethics, and childcare philosophies.

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There is nothing more rewarding for us than finding the absolute right match for our families and for our nannies.

If you are a dedicated Nanny, genuinely love what you do, have a proven track record of excellent work ethic, can pass or exceed our stringent application process, want to be treated with respect and paid what you deserve - Join us


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